“2/3 Dolci” represents their offering of Pasticceria (”pastry” in Italian), Gelato and Caffè, which is two third sweet and one third savory.

Using a modern typeface that highlight the 2/3 elements of the store, along with a modern serif font for the word Dolci to give it a contemporary Italian feeling. We created 2 sets of pattern, which are used along with the packaging to create a consistent look and feel. We used a combination of blue, white, highlight red and brown colour.



All the packaging are done with sustainability in mind, some of which we used kraft paper which is a very strong untreated material. It is a natural bio-material and we do not laminate them to ensure that they are biodegradable, compostable and recyclable! We wanted to use this material in a very modern approach so we did a large emboss of the logo with a printed blue pattern on the side. Using the red as a highlight colour only, we use it on the handle of the bag or the band around the box.

2/3 Dolci boxes
IMGP0332 IMGP0288