September 2011 in Hong Kong, ASrIA celebrate ten years of sustainable finance conference in Asia. ASrIA needed a logo,along with printed matters and a website to promote their conference.

Their title of their conference ‘Across the Value Chain’. ROKO Studio went with the idea of a “0” from 10 is made out of a 10 pieces coloured chain to signify the makeup of different industries ASrIA will discuss in their conference. Working with the 10th Anniversary logo also placed ASrIA logo along with it.

To ensure the whole production of the conference remains professional, ROKO Studio worked with ASrIA to develop their website, programme, leaflets, banner and backdrop to ensure all information is presented in a consistent visual identity.

Here’s a webpage:

This is a photo backdrop that was done for the conference for media interviews:

There was printed programme such as:

As well as banners and stage presentation. See the pictures below to see the whole look and feel.