GILIGULU are bilingual flash cards with quality images that children understand and like to play with. These cards reinforces children to learn their languages faster by setting them as memory or snap games, The name GILIGULU is the sound of little toddlers trying to speak. The logo designed with speech bubbles to emphasis on talking.

The box is created with craft recycled paper to have an emphasis on the environment and it is 100% recyclable. Each card is printed with eco soy ink with no lamination on them. The card stock we selected is a FSC stock made with sustainable forestry paper as well.

We are proud to mention this project has won the BEST 2011 Hong Kong Design Toys awards at the HKDA (Hong Kong Design Association).

We created 3 sets: Zoo Animals, Domestic Animals and Transportation. Each box has 12 different animals/transport with a playing instruction information on them as well. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing them at

giligulu cards set

giligulu cardsgiligulu1