The Lobintan is a modernized Hong Kong Street Food that you normally see at the corner of a busy streets. The particular store is located at Festival Walk  and placed in their playful food truck!!

The Lobintan offers Hong Kong street snacks that is made in Hong Kong with tender loving care. They provide a variety of Hong Kong street snacks such as hand-made curry fish ball to soft serve ice cream.
The English name plays the Chinese pronunciation of the Chinese words”Street side store”. Which has a nice catch to it. The brand main objective was to modernized the idea of Hong Kong street food. So we used a modern serif type and keeping everything simple and clean. The boxes we used Chinese takeaway boxes to play on the idea of a Chinese restaurant in non Asian country.

The Lobintan boxes


We also had to stage food and take a bunch of yummy images for them. We had a lot of fun doing it. Then with the images we took, we created posters for them to use in store.

LBT_image 3 LBT_image1 LBT_image2